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Luxury on wheels

Cadillac Escalade Receives Facelift Thanks to Lexani

Lexani Partners with Cadillac for a totally tricked-out ride
Teaser: The Long Awaited Wraith by Rolls-Royce

Teaser: Rolls-Royce Long Awaited Wraith

Could Rolls-Royce Wraith reignite the brand as a slick, sexy and modern motoring company?
Auto Concierge Showroom

Auto Concierge Members Club Protects Your Pride & Joy

Auto Concierge offers members access to the finest garages in town
Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider

California Spider Ferrari Sold For $8.3Million

A rare 1958 Ferrari has sold for a jaw dropping $8.3million at auction, surpassing its $6.6million estimate by miles
David and Samantha Cameron sell Fiat 500

Fiat £18,000 for British PM David Cameron

And who says status doesn't breed wealth? David Cameron's Fiat 500 sells for a staggering £18,000 at auction
This McLaren is just one of the company's beauties

ÉCURIE25 Supercar Network Lets You Drive a McLaren

écurie25's member organization provides access to world's top autos and exclusive drive experiences
Ferrari's Enzo will serve as a design benchmark

Ferrari to Unveil Hybrid Supercar at Detroit Auto Show

Luxury car maker Ferrari is boosting their drivetrain with a soon to be revealed hybrid engine
The McLaren P1 will make Lightening McQuenn blush

Supercar McLaren P1 Debuted at 2012 Paris Motor Show

McLaren P1 the much anticipated supercar debuted at the Paris Auto Show, and many experts say it is the new supercar to beat
A minimalist's urbanites dream!

A Collapsible Electric Car? Hello Future!

The Hiriko collapsible electric city car folds in half for easy storage, making it the new gem of urban transportation
Ferrari vs Lambo: Battle of the Auto Titans

Lamborghini vs Ferrari: Fight! Round Two

In the battle of sexy Italian driving machines, which brand reigns supreme? Exec Digital breaks it down, Round Two
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