Fiat £18,000 for British PM David Cameron

And who says status doesn't breed wealth? David Cameron's Fiat 500 sells for a staggering £18,000 at auction
 David and Samantha Cameron sell Fiat 500


British Prime Minister David Cameron has sold his Fiat 500 for a whopping £18,000. He bought the pint sized city run around for his wife Samantha in 1998 as a birthday present for what we can only imagine was a small percentage of the price he sold it for.

The final sale price was £18,480, down in part to the fact that the Camerons had put only 1,000 miles on the clock and kept the car in great condition, but down largely I suspect to the fact that he happens to be the British Prime Minister.

The car was sold as part of a £1.32 million sales bounty at the recent NEC Classic Car Show auction hosted by Silverstone Auctions. Nick Whale, Managing Director of Silverstone Auction, told reporters “David Cameron’s old car was always going to generate a great deal of interest because of its fascinating history.”

However, he was quick to merit the car and not just its owner with the hefty selling price. “It was almost out performed by another 1971 Fiat 500 L, rebuilt to concours standard, which made £17,000. It surely proves that these stylish little cars are very desirable in their own right.”

Other highlights included a one-on-351 1960 Aston Martin DB4 Series II, which made £224,000, and a concours 1997 Ferrari 456 GTA which was sold for £41,200.

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