An Adult Electric Go-Kart

Racing in at 60 mph, Beau Designs' Go Kart 2 Go is great for anyone with a need for speed
 Beau Designs Go-Kart


Trying to find something really cool to give your pops on Father’s Day? Or simply looking for yourself? If you’ve hit that midlife crisis and don’t really expect to come back, the GK2G (Go Kart 2 Go) is just what you’ve been looking for.

Modeled after super speedy Formula 1 race cars, the “One Go-Kart 2” has the look and curve of a sports car, while running on lightweight lithium batteries. While it might not reach the Formula 1 speed of almost 250 miles per hour, it pulls its weight on any track, reaching a hasty 60 miles per hour. Totally electric, with this Beau Designs creation you’re sure to turn a few heads when this beauty runs down the track.


Beau Designs might be best pegged as an experimental design company that manufactures up-scale, trendy products for the executive elite. Premiering just six years ago, Beau Designs has targeted a market niche and has seen unprecedented success in its SMS Audio Wireless Headphones, U-Sound and Touch Key Laptop designs. The Go-Kart, while admittedly a little less professional but a lot more fun, is just another in a series of designs from the team at Beau.

In addition to reaching a highway speed at 60 mph, the Go-Kart from Beau Designs was manufactured precise enough to fit, albeit folded, inside the back of any car. Weighing in at just 65 pounds, this speed demon will drastically change your perspective on life – would you be the same after racing down a mini- track at 60? We didn’t think so. So if the wind is howling, this Beau Designs masterpiece might just be calling your name. 

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