American Choppers Build Gold Bike for Donald Trump

Discovery Channel stars and Celebrity Apprentice participants from Orange County Choppers make 100 percent American made, gold laced motorcycle for Donald Trump
 American Choppers Build Gold Bike for Donald Trump  American Choppers Build Gold Bike for Donald Trump


We’ve written about Donald Trump’s obsession with gold before, and despite the man’s net worth he still is getting presents laced with gold. From the luxury jets and toilet seats, ceilings and even boats with custom gold finishings, “American Chopper” and luxury motorcycle manufacturer Paul Teutal Sr. presented Trump with a gold custom chopper.

The unlikely partnership stemmed from the Discovery Channel star’s participation on Trump’s popular reality show “The Celebrity Apprentice,” where the two formed a friendship. Trump actually requested a 100 percent, American made motorcycle with Trump engravings, and Senior was more than happy to oblige.

Senior had no concern as to whether Trump would like the real version of the gold plated motorcycle, claiming it looked “rich” – a style Trump has perfected over the years –matching the original drawing with an added sparkle. “It screams his name,” Christian says in a video capturing the final construction of the bike.

The custom creation is extremely flashy, much like the American real estate tycoon, featuring gold laced tendrils riding up and down the seam of the bike, with a brilliant exposed gold engine that shimmers in the sunlight.

To catch Orange County Choppers putting together the Trump chopper, check out Discovery

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