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Heroine or Helpless?

Heroines or Helpless?

The changing role of Bond girls through the last 50 years
Louis Armstrong's letter

Auction to Include Handwritten John Lennon Letter

Beethoven, George Gershwin, and Louis Armstrong's personal correspondence included in new collection
Felix Baumgartner

Falling into fame

Felix Baumgartner has become one of the most recognised faces on the planet since his rapid descent from the heavens, but initial signs suggest that his life-or-death stunts are now behind him
Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Apologizes for Controversial Wedding Video

Justin Timberlake released an official apology for a video featuring homeless Los Angeles residents made by friends for his and Jessica Biel's wedding
Even Santa wants to shake up the norm

Alternative Christmas Holidays for Adventure Lovers

Swap Your Mince Pies for Waves and Snow
The Inbetweeners is a Pubescent 'The Hang Over'

An Interview WithThe Inbetweener's Creator Iain Morris

Iain Morris is famous for his UK T.V. hit the Inbetweeners, and he actually made me chuckle in my cold, lifeless cubicle.
All cheer for the Queen of Music, Money and Fame

Madonna's MDNA Tour To Break All-Time Sales Record

The music mogul is set to break the world record for most mulah earned from a single tour ever
This gold statue even looks up to Oprah's wealth

Oprah Owns Forbes Richest Women in Entertainment List

Oprah, Britney Spears and Taylor Swift are the richest women in entertainment according to Forbes' mighty annual countdown
Your own self, is your gold mine

Personal Branding - The Basics of Creating a Self Empire

John Purkiss is the co-author of Brand You - Turn Your Unique Talents into a Winning Formula and he shares his tips on how to brand yourself
If this image blows your mind, you will love Samsara

'Samsara' Movie: Cinema Stimulation for Abstract Thinkers

Samsara will intrigue those viewers engaged in long-standing philosophical dialogues, and will repulse those looking for straightforward entertainment
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