Zynga's FarmVille Takes Top Market Gaming Share from EA

 Zynga’s FarmVille Takes Top Market Gaming Share from EA

For some, an afternoon spent without checking on their cattle or purchasing an additional pound of feed isn’t plausible. That is, logging into their “FarmVille” account and adjusting any farm friends via a Facebook account or Android app is typically checked on a daily basis. Zynga Game Network’s most popular game isn’t just addicting, it’s also one of the highest valued stock-market games, overtaking veteran Electronic Art Inc.’s dominance.

For just four years Zynga has dominated the virtual market, beating out EA classics with their social networking entertainment that attracts users through all means possible. “FarmVille,” which began as a game on Facebook, and it’s company, is now valued at $5.51 billion, according to SharesPost Inc. EA trails at $5.16 billion on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

The privately held company’s network isn’t surprisingly massive, as today’s market for purchasing virtual goods with real dough has become marketable for all types of users. “The valuation is not that crazy, given what’s going on in the market,” said Atul Bagga, an analyst at ThinkEquity LLC in San Francisco. “It’s not that terribly expensive seeing the growth prospects.” Bagga expects the virtual market to grow to $3.6 billion from its current $1.6,

Mark Skaggs, the creator of this mobile worldwide phenomenon, has nearly 20 years of experience as a game developer and oddly enough, used to work for
Electronic Arts. The 28 year old EA, despite its market share downturn, has about 210 million monthly active users on Facebook and is the largest game maker for the social media website.

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