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 Ultra Motor A2B Excel Electric Scooter


Last week we took you inside San Diego’s Online Marketing Summit, the nation’s largest social media event that educated and informed attendees about the future of social media, digital marketing and content management. While we learned about the strategies business can implement to increase traffic and develop excellent means of ‘storytelling,’ the rest of the globe kept us entertained with news about the Grammys, Super Bowl flubs and more. Get your weekend update NOW:

Even pretty girls talk dirty, isn’t that right Giselle?

Just because you’re CEO doesn’t mean you can’t avoid social media.

There’s still free stuff in this world? iPhone apps that won’t break the bank.

NYFW just finished - did you wear the right ensemble? Backyard Bill might catch you.

Eyewear has become infinitely more cooler thanks to this guy.

Say goodbye to traffic rage, with a sweet electric scooter.

Could your phone become your new therapist?

What are you asking the Grammys

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