Eyewear Porn: Exec's Favorite Spectacles

Spectacles are the coolest accessory a man can wear, why? Because they make you look smart. Here are some of our favorite smart glasses for the Executive man
 Look learned, even in the woods.

Nothing makes a man look more instantly clever and demure like a pair of smartly chosen clear framed glasses. While many things are worth going budgie-on, investing in a pair of designer spectacles are worth the splurge, mainly because you wear them every day, and they effortlessly define your image in a way expensive sneakers could never do. 

When investing in the perfect pair of  glasses, it is important to know what image you want to portray. Are you a man who wants to look indisputably masculine at all costs? Or do you want to look philosophically enlightened? Use our top three picks as a tried-and-true guide. 


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Dolce and Gabbana, $1049, 18-carat gold plated frame sunglasses. 

D&G's pair of classic aviators calls to mind the masculine frames of the 1950's pilot. The clear frame offers ultimate versatility as the glasses could be worn to complement an outfit indoors and yet still offer UV protection outdoors. These frames are for the man who values his masculinity, and is also intrigued by the idea of having 18-carat gold framing his peepers. 


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Giorgio Armani, GA 828 tortoiseshell optical glasses, $506, by Giorgio Armani

A retro look, is a powerful look. Calling on the powers of historical fashion makes you look like you are learned, and well read, without having to do any actual reading itself. This look is for the artistic risk taker who knows who Orson Wells is, and wants everyone he meets to associate him with someone who knows who Orson Wells is. These glasses were a hit in Oxford during the 30s-50s, and they do call to mind an educated man, with a sense of intellectual purpose. 


15 Mad Men Inspired Glasses

Ray-Ban Clear Lens Square Wayfarer Glasses Striped Havana, £115.00

Ray-Ban is a cultural institution that has defined cool for half a century - and for good reason. Their glasses are so smartly designed, that they make even the most awkward among us look cool. Their power started with Bob Dylan's classic wayfarers, and generations have been recycling the timeless power of this elite fashionable eyewear for decades. These spectacles are an ideal look for those fashion aware dudes who want to project an intelligent, but still hip and fun image. 

Ray ban clear wayfares.jpeg'

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