Elite Horologist Wrist Décor: Exec's Top Watches

These premier watches were made to stimulate a buzz of awe and reverie in any observer who dares to ask 'do you have the time?'
 Louis Moinet Mecanograph, luxury? Meet time.

Watches achieve what no other accessory can. Yes, they can tell the time - but in today’s ultra-tech world plenty of multi-functioning devices can perform that task.

Watches however, are unique in their ability to display wealth, class and prestige with the simple flash of a wrist. No other menswear item can fully convey the wearer’s status, in any environment he may venture. Yes a custom blinged Bugatti Veyron signals extreme wealth, but unfortunately sports cars are usually not permitted into the ballroom of a gala or into the executive boardroom of an important meeting.

In such an occasion, a statement making watch may be your only means of elite identification. When it comes to investing in a high-end watch, the complication, rarity of luxury materials and creative use of tourbillions and components are key factors in determining the indisputable value of this historically-revered accessory.

The following watches uniquely integrate these variables into an exclusively chic aesthetic design. Here are Exec Digital’s picks for the best high-end watches currently on the market.

Harry Winston’s Histoire de Tourbillon 3

The third series in Harry Winston’s exploration of the tourbillion, this edition of the ultra masculine watch utilizes the space commander influence of tourbillions to make a statement that says, ‘Back off, I am the captain of this situation.’

Three tourbillions are encased in the long rectangular case of the timepiece, and they are all set to different rotations that average out to a mega-accurate time reading. Most observers will have no idea as to how that mechanically works, but it looks mighty impressive, as if the wearer has a fleet of mechanical droids helping him gauge every second with accurate discernment.

The watch is made of polished 18k white gold with a satin-brushed case band and is set with 11 sapphires and six citrines. It has a power reserve of fifty hours, and this third series is limited to 20 watches, so it is bound to become a collector’s watch faster than the sweep of its second hand.

VIDEO: Harry Winston's Histoire de Tourbillon 3

Romain Jerome DNA Moon Dust Watch

Nothing says elite earthling like imbuing your personage with the dust of another galactic entity. ‘World Traveler’ is so 2012, ‘Cosmic Traveler’ is all the rage in 2013  and any chic glamophile knows that to make a statement in this world you have to be light-years ahead of your competition.

At 15,000 dollars - the Romain Jermone DNA Moon Dust Watch is the absolute best you can do in terms of owning a watch that is ‘out of this world.’ In addition to containing moon dust, the watch contains the firmament of earth’s orbit, and is also interwoven with carbon fibers from an ISS spacesuit. The watch comes in black, steel and red. Captain Picard would blush with envy.


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Louis Moinet Mecanograph

Louis Moinet’s aesthetics are world renowned. The watches are at once artful, powerful and yet gorgeously refined. The brand’s collaboration with famous tourbillion builder Concepto resulted in one of the luxury brand’s most striking watches yet: the Mecanograph.

Made of 182 different elements, with visible chronometer-worthy precision, this watch is certified by the COSC as a legitimate chronometer. However the most exciting part of this watch is how it changes appearance when viewed from different angles. The balance with screws, the lever and gear trains are highlighted in an original way that is visually distinct from each side of the watch.

The case is made of grade five titanium and polished with a satin-brushed finishing, and the watch starts at approximately 14 thousand dollars. Strikingly unique and artistically relevant, this watch is perfect for the creative executive looking for a watch that blends whimsy and power.

Aeternitas Mega 4-

Nicknamed, ‘The most complicated wrist watch ever made in the world’ the Aeternitas Mega 4 almost requires a PhD to read the time.

Made of 36 complications, 99 jewels, and 1, 483 components, this watch offers a bevy of signals and time readings including a moon phase indicator, a leap year indicator, a retrograde counter, and a dual time functionality.

The Aeternitas Mega 4 is crafted out of 18 karat white gold, and the strap is hand-sewn alligator leather. For those world-travelers who have a penchant for astronomy, this watch offers fact-tracking capabilities that would make Google jealous.

VIDEO: The Aeternitas Mega

Hublot’s Oceanographic 4000 King Gold White

Deep sea divers with an elite bank account will go gaga over Hublot’s new Oceanographic wrist watch. The gorgeously designed watch’s case is made of 18k gold and five percent platinum, and is designed to withstand immense pressure; it is even fortified with grade 2 titanium. The superior strength engineering of this watch allows for it to be worn at 4000m below sea level.

The luxury watch company even partnered with the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco to promote the watch as the ‘ultimate watch for the sea.’

Whether deep sea diving or space fantasizing, these watches are guaranteed to wow and inspire, and will serve as the chicest tool around for counting down the minutes to December 25, 2012. 

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