Louis Vuitton's Handsome Monogram Tourbillion Watch

The elite brand released their newest high-end luxury watch to the market, and the ticker is as complicated as it is opulent
 Complicated is the new standard-de-chic

Louis Vuitton has made an empire off of crafting gorgeous luxury goods for the stylistically elite. Their newest watch is a testament to the timelessly chic sensibilities of the brand, as its gorgeously complicated face looks more like an abstract cubism masterpiece than an everyday wrist watch.

Named the Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Monogram Tourbillion, the watch boasts hands carved from solid gold, and the strap is crafted from the exotic skin of the sea-dwelling stingray. The exterior casing of the watch is no pauper’s pick, it is fashioned out of 18k yellow, pink and white gold. The interior complications of the watch are also blinged out like a chest of pirate’s booty– a sapphire and golden bridge trick out the interior of the watch, as well as a diamond incrusted LV symbol.


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The watches wheels were inspired by the designs of antique trunk claps – because everyone knows historical is oh-so-chic baby- and the watch's numerical letters were replaced with the letters L-O-U-I-S-V-U-I-T-T-O-N. It seems the Louis Vuitton brand name perfectly synchs up with their new watch endeavors, as Loui Vuitton, or Louis Vuitto would have been one letter short of a readable time keeper.

Keep that in mind when your tacky friend shows off his or her newest ‘Louis Vuitto’ watch, heaven knows some cheap knock off company is bound to replicate the watch. For those of you interested in buying the real thing in all its glorious authenticity, the watch will be on sale in select Louis Vuitton Flagship stores.   

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