Man Bag Revolution - Top Stars Sporting Luxury Murses

Man Bags are the current trend-de-chic, even Kobe, LeBron and Kanye trick out their style with the controversial accessory
 man bags are all the rage in cutting-edge men's fashion

Man bags have long had a bad rap with traditional conservatively dressed men. Long considered a luxury accessory reserved only for females, most men shied away from the ultra-useful, organizational, proactive power of a man purse. Most men prefer the junky, aesthetically bulky hulk of lugging their personal items around in their pockets, but anyone who has ever sat on an upright car key knows, sometimes pocket storage is a genuine pain in the bottom. 

Today’s executives have a plethora of items they must carry with them everywhere : Blackberrys, keys, wallets, iPads, sunglasses, spectacles, and shoving all those into the super tight skinny jean pockets of today’s fashion trends is as ridiculous as a man bag must have looked to Archie Bunker all those years ago.



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However, some of today’s most masculine and ultra stylish male stars are stepping out with man bags slung over their shoulder, and they do not look apologetic one bit for doing so. Could such a trend be the new statement saying ‘I am a male power lion, hear me roar?’ Just check out music moguls Kanye and Pharell whimsically sporting their purses...

Kanye and Pharell and their favorite murses

pharell kanye man bag.jpeg

Even big NBA stars are throwing their sweaty duds into Louis Vuitton murses. ESPN reported Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Pau Gasol are huge fans of luxe bags. (Image courtesy of Getty Images.)

Heaven knows what will come of this trend, but one thing is for sure, if you are going to go murse make sure it is a high-end luxury brand like Fendi, Louis Vuitton or Burberry - and that it is in fact a bag made for men. Masculine bags tend to be more square in shape and structured in tailoring. Such smart shopping will inevitably spare your business mates from thinking you are lugging around your high school gym bag, or your wife's hand-me-down tote.

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