Most Expensive Burger a Science Experiment

A $345,000 hamburger is created in a Petri-dish from animal by-products by vascular biologist - will you eat the "meat"?
 Most Expensive Burger a Science Experiment

"Most Expensive Burger a Science Experience" first appeared in November and is featured in Exec Digital's BEST OF 2011. 


Exec Digital has written about expensive burgers in the past, but the latest creation from vascular biologist Mark Post has certainly turned heads. The world’s most expensive hamburger was originally a grass fed beauty topped with gold leaf; but the future of America’s favorite sandwich might be just another science experiment.

The world isn’t going all “Minority Report” just yet, but with the developed of a petri dish snack from University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, the uncertainty of livestock lifetime might finally be answered. Of course, just like in vitro fertilization, this stuff won’t come cheap. In fact, despite the burgers current translucent hue, the lab burger is already priced at $345,000.

Feel the need to know the details?

The burger is “labor-intensive,” said Post to reporters, and uses stem cells from remaining animal genitals with the addition of cultures from sugars, amino acids, lipids and other nutrients to create the muscular strip he likes to call a burger. Eventually there are plans to add a bit of fatty content to increase the juicy factor. The meat by-product is a healthy alternative to eating an actual beef burger on a daily basis; but it’s uncertain whether Post’s lab can produce his petri-dish burgers with the same vigor that Americans eat the traditional beef.

At this point, only one has tried out the “hamburger”, so few can attest to Post’s experiment – but with the hefty price tag and odd reminiscence of today’s modern familial ceremony, we’re doubtful most American are salivating.



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