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Tea Anyone?

British Airways and Twinings Take Tea To The Skies

British Airways and Twinings team up to take proper tea to the air
Why Investing In Whisky Is A Smart Business Move

Investing In Liquid Gold

In collecting and investing terms, whisky is rapidly becoming the new wine and, with a little research, investors in rare whisky can potentially make substantial gains
A perfect gift has arrived

Gift Rémy Martin XO Gold to Make an Impression

Limited edition Rémy Martin XO Gold is an exquisite drink for the holiday table
Champagne: The epitome of happiness!

Krug Champagne Takes Marketing To Dizzy Heights

Krug Champagne host a 'Richard Curtis' inspired week of fine dining at its Institute of Happiness
Fall has officially arrived. Drink up!

Top Five Hard Ciders

Exec Digital breaks down the best hard ciders to wash down all that good eating throughout the holidays
Expensive taste now comes in a can

Big-ticket Brews

Pricey champagne for the holidays is overrated - check out Exec Digital's sampling of the world's most expensive beers
Nothing says luxury like premium gin

Best of British Gin

Since the 18th century London Dry Gin has been hailed superior to all other varieties and now, 300 years since the gin crazed years, traditional gin distillation is making a comeback
Vodka: The 'Coolest' Cocktail Around

Vodka Ice Bars: Exec'sTop Pics For 'Cool Cocktails'

Vodka always wins as the international beverage of choice, but it's the ice bar that's becoming today's chilly new trend
Rum recipes to make you say mmmm

The Rum Renaissance: Rum Cocktails for all Ages

Whether it's made from molasses or sugar cane, rum has seen a rebirth - these classic spirits and rum drinks are proof
Swirl, sniff, sip, repeat.

Sheraton Social Hour Features Wine Spectator Picks

First-of-its kind premium wine program set to launch at 240 Sheraton hotels worldwide
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