World's Rarest Alcohol Collection Sells owner Bay van der Bunt muct sell his $8 million rare and historical spirits collection from three generations; including cognac, whiskey and port
 Bay van der Bunt   Old Liquors Collection


Three generations of alcohol that’s never been drunk? Now, that’s rare.

Yet in the case of Bay van der Bunt, what’s even more rare is the collection itself – passed down three generations and collected from international auctions like Christie’s and Sotheby’s, pieces even dating back to George Washington’s inauguration year (1789). The Dutch collector doesn’t much fancy the liquid poison himself, and without an heir to pass down the world’s finest collection of spirits, he’s forced to sell the lot.

Cognacs and ports and sherry, oh my! But all of them must say goodbye to blogger and entrepreneur, who is shedding more than 5,000 bottles of historical and rare finds to the world. Who will be the lucky suitor that comes calling? “My preference goes out to selling the entire collection to an individual who shares the same passion for old liquors as I do, so that everything stays together,” he says.

A full-party price of around $8 million has been revealed, but from the looks of things – with individual bottles aged more than 250 years – Bay van der Bunt is likely to make quite a killing, despite his reluctance to sell. The rarity alone of some of these whiskeys, armagnacs, ports, madeiras and cognacs make the entire collection of alcohol priceless.

The fate of, a site Bay van der Bunt has been running for a decade, is still up in the air as potential buyers come calling. “A collection of this size is not simply attained within a few years,” he states. “Nobody will be able to collection what I have in one lifetime; it would take another two to three generations.”

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