Nations Most Expensive Tasting Menus

New York City's Masa tops the list at $450 a tasting menu, following by other favorites to create one extravagant dining experience
 Nation's Most Expensive Tasting Menus


Dining out is truly all about extravagance – the wine, the mood lighting, the appetizers and sometimes even dessert, make for a brilliant affair no matter the occasion.

Just in case a couple hundred dollars hasn’t been quite lavish enough, there are some restaurants in the United States that will one-up your bill. Tasting menus have always been a more affordable choice – until these restaurants got involved. Zagat found some of the nation’s most expensive tasting menus (so expensive like they’ll set you back $450) to give you a little taste of the good life.

New York City is host to some of the world’s most famous restaurants, and the celebrity chefs attached to them. But topping the list of outlandishly priced tasting menus is Masa, a NYC establishment that hasn’t earned quite as much clout for its celebrity as for its prices. The Japanese restaurant, based in Time Warner Center, delivers freshly concocted recipes totally original creations.

1.       Masa, New York City $450

2.       Robuchon, Las Vegas $395

3.       French Laundry, Yountville, CA; New York City $270, $295

4.       Charlie Trotter’s, Chicago $225

5.       Alinea, Chicago $210

6.       Eleven Madison Park, New York City $195

7.       Benu, San Francisco $180

8.       Manresa, Los Gatos $175

9.       Baume, Palo Alto $168 

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