Raw Cuisine: The Food of the Gods

Premier raw-living food chef, Juliano is the creator of the raw cuisine phenomenon, and we scored an exclusive interview with the genius innovator

Raw food is no new phenomenon – fruit, vegetables, nuts and herbs date back to before humans used microwaves, stoves and fire pits. However, despite Eden’s attempt at making apples seem downright devilishly delicious, raw food has gotten a bad rap in terms of evoking lust-worthy, savory taste.

However, one renegade pioneer on the west coast has sought to bridge the gap between the health vitality of raw foods and the savory indulgence of gourmet cuisine. Who is responsible for putting raw cuisine on the gourmet-map single-forkedly?

Juliano- a man so genius, so innovative, that like Madonna, he does not need a last name.

Juliano has been a mastermind culinary innovator on the raw food front since the 1990s, and his Santa Monica restaurant Planet Raw ( dishes out decadent, mouth-watering living cuisine to some of the planet’s most famous, beautiful, celebrated, progressive and influential people.

However, Juliano’s accolades do not stop there. He is also a best-selling author with multiple books under his apron, a popular raw-lifestyle coach and instructor, and many within the raw food movement refer to him as the ‘father of raw foods.’ His revolutionary use of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils and herbs inspired the rest of the gourmet world to utilize the greatest ingredients of living nature – without cooking out all the essential nutrients or bombarding the intrinsic flavors with artificial seasonings or processed fats.

As Juliano’s former personal assistant I witnessed Juliano’s unique brand of genius culinary creativity on a daily basis. I can attest for the mind-blowingly deliciousness of his grub, and for the charismatic magnetism he exudes as a leader in the holistic health industry, restaurant business, and the craft of ‘uncooking.’

If pure energy is an indicator of health and vitality, well then Juliano is on to something catastrophically meaningful. Here is my exclusive interview with the world’s premier raw-living chef.

Best Feeling Ever

Raw foodists are some of the most energetic people in the world. “After dinner at Planet Raw, you feel like you ate a really good meal, but you don’t notice it’s raw. You feel very satisfied, you feel like you have eaten decadent junk food, but at the end of the meal you actually feel wonderful and energized as opposed to ‘wow I feel sick,' Juliano explains.

The energetic benefits of raw foods contradict what the rest of  main eaters are doing. Juliano explains, “When you really stop and think about it, every single person unless they eat salad feels sick after dinner! Every single person is like ‘why did I do that to myself? I felt better before I ate! My God, I need coffee and cigarettes and antacids and a nap!'

Raw however offers reverse effects to the eater, “After lunch or dinner at Planet Raw, you actually get to eat pasta and cream, but you still feel really wonderful as opposed to fat and slow. You feel energized and satisfied, yet not full! You feel actually satisfied for the first time. We hear constantly every day, like twenty times a day, ‘But I am satisfied! I am actually satisfied!’”


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Luxurious Ingredients

While many people bash the raw lifestyle for its limited food options, Juliano scoffs in those nay-sayer’s faces, “I am tired of chefs opening up a carton of heavy whipping cream and a stick of butter and calling their cooking gourmet- like who cares? Big deal, that’s so…over.”

The truth is, raw cuisine is made from some of the fanciest ingredients you can find in the world, “There is nothing more gourmet than whipping nuts and seeds into fun creams and sauces,” says Juliano, “We actually had to go outside of the box to produce this cuisine. Our ingredients come from a wide variety and an international assortment. We did our research and found the best quality of everything. You taste our Olive Oil-our olive oil is better than any other olive oil on the planet. You taste our coffee – our coffee is better than anywhere else on the planet.”

As raw cuisine does not rely on heavy fats and junk, ingredients are of the utmost importance. “Quality ingredients are important to me. Getting that taste, getting that taste to the ultimate and farthest limit. So we get the greatest tomato, the greatest cucumber, the apple, the greatest orange, the greatest pear, and you put them all together and you stack a dish, with the wild arugula and the best olive oil, and you taste a bite of that and you are like, “Oh my God!!!”

More Beautiful with Every Bite

If the immense health benefits of raw cuisine do not tempt you, than perhaps your vanity will. Hot, good-looking people everywhere know the same secret - raw is the most beautifying diet on the planet. Juliano explains the cuisine’s effects on the eaters’ looks. “When you eat at Raw you get the raw glow. You are not eating out of a factory, or a slaughter-house or a laboratory. You are eating out of a garden, and that makes a big difference in what your body looks like.”

For those seeking beauty, health and vitality, Juliano offers this closing advice, “Raw food is a wonderful little discovery that nobody is looking for and nobody seems to realize even exists, and yet it is right here,” he declares, “What humanity is looking for is a simple commonly used three letter word.”


Juliano is currently looking for investors for a new restaurant, and his Santa Monica Restaurant can be contacted at 

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