São Paulo: Best Restaurants, Food and Culture in the City

The largest city in Latin America brims with the unique and spectacular, making it an ideal pick for the wanderlust Executive, here our the best hotels in São Paulo
 São Paulo's cuisine is some of the best in the world

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Written by contributor Kristina Soares


São Paulo has some of the best restaurants in Brazil and all over Latin America, including D.O.M.- Dominus Optimo Maximo. The main chef, Alex Atala is famous for using typical Brazilian ingredients in contemporary dishes. Besides the great food, all of the personnel are friendly, attentive and bilingual making it an ideal eatery for non Portuguese speakers with a penchant for decadent cuisine.

Another well recognized restaurant in São Paulo is Brasil a Gosto where chef Ana Luiza Trajano prepares dishes that are full of colors, flavors and textures. Trajano traveled all over Brazil in order to write her renowned cookbook Brasil a Gosto. She combines her experience with the tricks and advice she learned from other Brazilian chefs while traveling to provide the client with a complete Brazilian experience, both cultural and flavorful.


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In 1822 in São Paulo, Dom Pedro yelled, “Independence or death!” and started the war for independence. He made history in São Paulo and since then, visitors from all over the world flock to the City to visit historical monuments like the Catedral de Sé (the Metropolitan Cathedral),  Museo do Iparanga (Iparanga Museum), Monumento às Bandeiras (Flag Monument), Teatro Municipal (Municipal Theatre) and one of the most important museums in Brazil: the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo (the Pinacotheca of São Paulo).

With five star hotels and restaurants, top-brand shopping and a wide range of sights and museums with so much history, São Paulo is one city that not only can be seen, but  experienced. All around the City, different types of tours are offered depending on your preference. For example, historical tours,  restaurant tours, nature tours and even bike tours that the whole family can enjoy.

In fact, the City has so much appeal, that in June 2014 six FIFA World Cup games will be held there including the opening game. However, no special event is needed to experience the authentic vivacity of this cherished city, andany time of year offers great opportunities to do business and enjoy the amazing City of São Paulo, Brazil.

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