The New Fast Food: Elevation Burger

Elevation Burger offers 100 percent organic, grass-fed beef patties, real ice-cream milk shakes and fresh cut fries for a twist on fast food burger chain
 Elevation Burger  The Elevation Burger  Ron Weinberg of Elevation Burger Carlsbad


The fast food burger industry is a cut-throat business, but there’s a new player in town. Elevation Burger has amassed a cult following since appearing in Virginia several years ago, and has slowly spread to the masses in small, franchise-size supply across the States. The 100 percent all-organic beef patties served at the local level have garnered this small organization a simple, yet effective, slogan: “Ingredients Matter.”

When you’re enjoying their signature, two-patty Elevation Burger and you actually taste beef, it might surprise you at first – especially because that freshly cut sandwich was handed over to you within ten minutes and cost under six bucks.

“We really leave the meat as it is,” San Diego franchise owner Ron Weinberg says. “Beyond salt, there’s nothing else that happens there – because the meat is as good as it is.” If you want to get into the raw details, like where that beef comes from, he’s going to stay mum – but Weinberg ensures that “the cows are not sick.” Namely, you’re not going to question whether a pesticide or anti-bacteria is lurking inside your meal like other restaurants – the grass-fed, free range beef here is real – and you can taste it.

 The truth behind “Ingredients Matter” doesn’t just end with the hamburger patty, either– milkshakes are created from real ice cream and fruit (the novelty!) and French fries are cut fresh and bathed in olive oil. Everything is dripping with a homemade flare that sparks the inner-child in you who doesn’t bother to count calories as you suck down the last drop of a shake filled with fresh ice cream, mangoes and strawberries.   

Elevation Burger puts “eating organically into a practical” frame, continues Weinberg, who co-owns California’s only Elevation Burger. The lunchtime favorite has managed to fuse trend-worthy organic patties and fresh-cut fries with America’s favorite dish, vegetarian meals and even vegan options. Grab your lunchtime grub without feeling guilty about it.

To find more locations in Florida, Virginia, New Jersey and New York – visit Elevation Burger online (where you can order your unique order too!) 

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