Lindbergh Card Promises Effortless World Travel

The Lindbergh Card promises effortless travel to elite jet-setters who seek seamless, no-nonsense travel
 The Lindbergh Card  Jet flight  The Lindbergh Card

Aircraft charter coordinator Air Charter Service has conceptualized the world's first truly global jet card for those travelers who require easily accessible travel anytime, anywhere.

The Lindbergh Card, managed by Air Charter Service's Empyrean Club, requires a prepayment beginning at more than $79,500, and allows its carriers access to more than 50,000 aircraft of various types, from jets to helicopters, offering flexibility, discretion and reliability, according to Air Charter Service. The card's namesake comes from an endorsement by Erik Lindbergh, aviation pioneer and grandson to the late Charles Lindbergh, the first man to fly an aircraft solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

"The Lindbergh Card is an exciting development for people who desire the freedom of effortless world travel," Lindbergh says. "To date, anyone wishing to travel by private jet has been held back by the restrictive jet cards that are currently on the market. The Lindbergh Card sets a new standard for the industry by allowing its holders to charter a private aircraft to travel to and from any part of the world without penalty, extra cost or added bureaucracy."

The Lindbergh Card is supported by an Air Charter Service’s global team of experts, who have a practiced history in executive travel logistics, as well as partnerships with airlines and localized travel experts.

"The Lindbergh Card reflects our commitment to exceptional service standards," says Air Charter Service Chairman and Founder Chris Leach. "Air Charter Service has always gone the extra mile for our customers, and now, with The Lindbergh Card, we can offer an enhanced service that delivers greater flexibility, total cost control and precious time saving for our customers. Not having to exchange contracts and make payments each time you arrange a private jet flight is a real benefit enjoyed by Lindbergh Members."

The Card earns members free flight time as they use it and does not restrict users when traveling on "peak days." The card itself reflects the luxury of its member benefits, made from solid carbon fiber and presented in a wooden case.

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