Compact Sound: Steinway Lyngdorf S Series

Bite-size speakers with patented RoomPerfect design create sound amplifying noise in two-way S-15 speakers
 Compact Sound: Steinway Lyngdorf S Series


A serious audiophile requires some serious stereo, and while Exec Digital might have teased you in the past with some sound-booming amplifiers, there’s always going to be another edition that will rival our latest results. Such is the case with Steinway Lyngdorf’s S – Series, a compact box of power that’ll shock you right to the core. How? These little teasers, which look more like a box of cereal than some of the most awe-inspiring speakers, have unsurpassed craftsmanship and patent-pending design.

The two-way speakers, which can easily deceive any passerby with their small frame and unassuming shape, have explosive bits of sound hidden inside two varieties.  The S-15’s two-way has a 200/600W power rating, 120-22k Hz frequency response and a Max SPA with 1 meter of 113 dB. But just wait, because it only gets better; its brother, the S-120 one -way boundary woofer, is a heftier option coming in at 14.7 inches by 14.2 with practically double the power in 25 – 500 Hz and 400/800W.

While size often plays a key role in the sound quality of typical speakers, with the patented RoomPerfect technology of Steinway Lyngdorf’s S Series, that all changes. Research results have perfected acoustics for any room through 3-dimensional correction technology specific to the Steinway Lyngdorf brand. No matter the placement of the S-Series, the RoomPerfect technology will optimize the sound performance by analyzing the dimensions of the room to create an audio explosive event no matter the occasion.


Of course, this type of technology comes with a price – for a whopping $22,000, interested parties can actually mount these 2.1 configurations onto their wall or set them atop their desk, but for anything less you’ll just have to listen and drool. 

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