"Framed" Samsung HDTV for Art

Interactive LED paneling treats still art like a television screen with camera, microphone and speakers
 “Framed” - Samsung HDTV for Art



 The concept of displaying art has never really been tampered with – until now. Yugo Nakamura of tha ltd. has created an interactive, hybrid technology that displays art like it is part of an HDTV, with the size and movement of a television screen. It’s a high-budget performance gadget that is sure to attract all kinds of attention once its 37.4 inches and LED HD paneling comes into the homes of the art world elite.

A glorified 40 inch Samsung LED HD panel with built-in speakers, camera, microphone and wireless audio transmitters, Framed isn’t just about putting a picture on the wall – the design developed for both the interior and exterior of your home will translate your passion from still life to reality. Creating movement and expression in a simple flat screen television, Framed is more than just a Samsung HDTV but an original design set to complete the home.


The new product, developed by tha ltd., enables all kinds of expression to be displayed on the Framed artwork – interactive art, web applications, motion graphics and even simple illustration. “A screen-based display to showcase artwork in everyday environments,” says the tagline, Framed is guaranteed to translate all art forms into interactive works of life.

Judging from Framed Twitter account, things are just getting started with this new platform as no prices have been set for the device and few details have been made regarding the general use of the camera and microphone. For those of us who are thinking that Framed isn’t done introducing developments just yet, we’re pretty sure that anyone with an artistic twist will enjoy it. What will you frame?

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