KEF Muon Loudspeaker Will Blow You Away - Seriously

KEF collaborates with visionary designer to produce seven foot tall speaker tower
 Kef Muon Stands Seven Feet


If you’ve ever seen the film “The Italian Job” you’ll remember when “The Napster,” played by actor Seth Green, explains how he plans to purchase “speakers so loud, they blow women’s clothes off.” Now, the Muon loudspeaker may not be able to accomplish what “The Napster’s” system could, but if any audio system comes close, it’s this one.

The Muon loud-speaker is quite possibly the most extraordinary loud-speaker ever conceived.  Standing at seven feet tall, the Muon exemplifies the state-of-the-art technology and contemporary art forms of the 21st century. The visionary designer behind the Muon’s form, Ross Lovegrove, used malleable sheets of heated aluminum to achieve the Muon’s unique shape. KEF, the international company behind the Muon loudspeaker, describes Lovegrove’s process as one in which he sculpted “the sound by ‘skinning’ the technology with purposeful form – the final shape was created through an evolutionary process that ensured it could only be the form that it is;” a truly remarkable process that combined Lovegrove’s design with the physics of sound.


The Muon houses a four-way speaker system with powerful bass drivers that create a sound superior to any other loudspeaker system. KEF also incorporates the Uni-Q point source drive array, an innovation offering a level of sound quality simply unachievable by conventional speakers. The company also includes its ACE technology, or Acoustic Compliance Enhancement, in the Muon system. ACE places activated charcoal inside the loudspeaker cabinet, allowing the bass driver to “breathe” more easily improving bass performance. A speaker using ACE technology is capable of producing bass comparable to that of a speaker twice its size.

Weighing in at 243 pounds, the Muon loud-speaker carries an equally heavy price tag: $140,000 per pair. 

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