Orb Audio Offers Big Sound in a Small Package

Custom, hand-made speakers from Orb Audio offer tremendous sound and unique design
 Orb Audio Speakers Pack a Punch

It’s easy to be fooled by Orb Audio. On the outside, their products appear to be nothing more than modern, decorative pieces adding a little flare to your living room. Turn them on, however, and it becomes very clear, very fast, what these things are all about: Sound, big sound.

Orb Audio operates under a unique business model – which is one of the reasons why you may not be as familiar with them as you are with more popular brands like Bose, Sony or Panasonic. First, their business is conducted completely over the internet. Ethan Siegel, co-Founder and CEO of Orb Audio, believes that this produces a competitive advantage for his company. By running the business solely online, Orb Audio cuts out the middle men – the wholesalers and the retailers – who buy products from manufacturers and mark up the price for consumers.


 Instead, Orb spends more money on custom, advanced components and a labor-intensive manufacturing and finishing process. When the end result is a better looking, better sounding speaker that costs less, we win – and because we win, Orb wins.

At the heart of the Orb speaker system is the spherical Mod1 satellite speaker. It’s made from high carbon steel and uses advanced technologies to produce its big, full sound from a package about the size of a baseball. “Using ultra-high quality parts, and using them conservatively, really allows us to push the limits of physics so that these little speakers have a lot of the characteristics of much bigger speakers,” said Siegel. “My partner, co-founder and Chief Designer, Gary Pelled, really pulled the rabbit out of the hat with these speakers.”

The Orbs are handmade by metal artisans and hand-assembled for distribution. They are available in six different finishes, to blend with any décor. To learn more about Orb Audio, visit  

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