Sony Handheld Camcorder Turned Projector

HD Quality movies shot with Sony Handheld camcorder 220GB HD for movie-like quality in S-Master technology & display
 Sony Handheld Camcorder Turned Projector


Just because you might not have the home theater you’d always wanted doesn’t mean you’ll have to go without a movie projector to capture and watch your favorite home videos. But in today’s day and age, with the type of technology that lets you walk around with the world at your fingertips, classroom size projector and infantile screens are all in the past. Catch up to the 21st century with a handheld Sony Handycam camcorder that transforms your videos into silver screen productions.

This isn’t your average camcorder – this Sony device that allows you to transform your simple videos from a point and shoot to become a movie theater style extravagance is the first of its kind. With a built in projector from the fold-out touch screen, this new Sony contraption showcases your videos in an instant, 60 inch screen for full HD quality.


The Sony Handycam camcorder 220GB HD doesn’t just capture the moment on screen – build an entire story, or organize several family festivities together as one, with 91 hours of footage within the 220-GB hard disk drive in addition to the professional G Lens quality and a low-light sensitivity for better clarity featuring “Exmor R” CMOS sensor.

This affordable new device is sure to stun all of your friends, co-workers and family members when you capture a special moment and show it off on the HD wide screen. Every memory won’t be forgotten with the picture quality and sound quality – from the S-Master digital amplifying technology – that’ll make your crowd swoon. The lightweight, handheld system is far superior to any other handheld camcorder you’ll catch on the market today.

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