intelliPaper Releases Paper USB drive

intelliPaper is a portable, wireless way to store information for marketing purposes, contact info and promoting a brand via a thumb drive made of paper
 intelliPaper  intelliPaper USB drive

intelliPaper recently launched the world's first paper USB project on indiegogo, seeking funding in the amount of $300,000 to promote and expand the project. In addition to other paper information products, the paper jump drive stands to revolutionize the way portable information is sent.

The self-proclaimed "coolest USB drive ever," is wireless and disposable, made of bendable paper stock with USB storage that can be sent and attached to virtually any paper project. Users insert the intelliPaper thumb drive into laptops and other devices with USB readers, which prompts the device to either open a browser to a specified website or insert contact info to the computer.

According to intelliPaper's website, each product, which varies from postcard to card mailer to ticket to handout to business card, is made out of patented intelligent paper with electronic components embedded in the paper. The paper is light, portable, bendable and infinitely more cost efficient than regular jump drives. intelliPaper has partnered with Action Printers to print several of its initial offerings.

intelliPaper allows users to receive links to information and digital information through a simple, lightweight letter or card. Postcards, for example, come with a perforated edge from which the user detaches the USB paper section. Currently, the thumb drives are only available for corporate marketing with pre-loaded data. CEO Andrew DePaula says the collaboration partnership with idea-launching Website indiegogo will help "make intelliPaper's thumb drives available to customers at a lower cost and with more features." Contributors to the project receive varying samplings of intelliPaper products, some as little as $1 each.

Launched on Nov. 18, this paper USB project has only raised $285 at press time, although the Internet is abuzz with talk of this unique and interesting way to share information.


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