iPhone Case Review: Case-Mate Phantom

At Las Vegas' CES 2012, Case-Mate premiered a new iPhone case made from silicon, DuoFlex and PolyCore to protect even in a crash
 iPhone Case Review: Case-Mate Phantom


For a few days now, my iPhone 4S has been thick and sturdy with the new Case-Mate Phantom. Evocative of a super hero, the Case-Mate Phantom elicits the charm of a comic book character that flies, if only because its main role is as the ultimate phone protector.

And much like any super hero, its promises are mighty – constructed from un-human properties that haven't been released to the rest of the iPhone case world, Case-Mate delivers aesthetically pleasing protection while also providing DuoFlex and PolyCore properties. The snap-on front covers the screen, while a silicon exterior maintains your mobile’s speed even with life’s daily bumps.

The thick aqua frame that has encased my Apple device surely makes it easier to spot in the hustle of the day, and covers my precious apps like a hard-cased pillow. There were promises that Case-Mate’s Phantom could protect the iPhone even in a disastrous crash, but we’ll take their word on it (I’m sure there is a demo from CES that we could spot somewhere).  

Case-Mate debuted the tough new device at Las Vegas’ CES 2012 earlier this month to applause, strictly because of its durability and eye-appeal; plus, the $50 case comes in four color combinations to keep your iPhone looking good while still saving lives.

“We precisely engineered every line, curve and angle to achieve an architecturally sound design that guards the phone without adding excess bulk,” said Shashi Reddy, Case-Mate CEO. “As a result of careful and thoughtful development, users finally have a sleek and sexy iPhone case that withstands the most adventurous lifestyles.”

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