Nokia Vertu offers Year of Dragon $28,000 Phone

Vertu luxury phone team delivers limited-edition mobile encrusted with gold, diamonds or emerald to celebrate the Year of the Dragon
 Nokia Vertu offers Year of Dragon $28,000 Phone


 Vertu continues to be the industry leader in luxury mobile phones, releasing the Signature Year of the Dragon handset at the onset of 2012. The line led by faltering technology brand Nokia has continued to prevail in the luxury lifestyle segment of it’s technology division, pegging rivals to anticipate their every move.

As experts in the finely tuned and well-crafted handsets market, the 2012 Signature Year of the Dragon handset has made international headlines for its signature options that come in three unique forms: stainless and emerald; black stainless steel and ruby; and yellow gold with diamond.

The luxurious cell phone, which speaks for itself, will honor the Year of the Dragon celebrations later this month in its intricately shaped alpha-numeric keyboard, vertical orientation and dragon monogram. The luxury device is understandably limited edition, as the choice of phone accessories are both extremely rare and extremely expensive.

As with every precious stone, the gems will be authenticated from Switzerland and each original phone will come with a Vertu concierge who will answer all calls for up to one year of purchase.

The price of these unique phones, which include a charging cradle and leather case, rounds out to around $26,800 each. If you’re ready to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, this Vertu phone might be your calling card. 

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