The Vertu Smartphone Ferrari Constellation Quest

Vertu delivers a 2012 Ferrari collaboration and first Smartphone in the Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari, a hand-crafted titanium steel phone made with luxury sports car brand
 Vertu Smartphone Ferrari Constellation Quest



Ferrari has long been producing accessories for its owners – from hats to leather jackets, the Ferrari brand has expanded into much more than a legendary car brand. Now, the Italian luxury car company is dialing in to the technology realm with the unveiling of a Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari phone.

The luxury smartphone is reportedly mirrored after the Ferrari 458 Italia sports car and crafted from materials similar to a Ferrari, like stainless steel and titanium. Even the leather that wraps the phone is a direct descendent from the Italian line that Ferrari used to create the fabulous GT interior.

Vertu and Ferrari have been partnering together since 2007 to create phones that match the legendary Italian supercar, but the 2012 Constellation collection is the first smartphone to come from this legendary design team. All hand-crafted, everything from Vertu is as exceptionally designed as are the Ferraris themselves.

The Vertu Constellation Quest is crafted hand-in-hand with Ferrari, from the leather to the steel, with some parts even installed in the same workshop as the sports cars themselves.

The evolution of Vertu’s Ferrari inspired designs are evident in the 2012 version, as Ferrari updates, news and contacts can be accessed directly from the titanium handset. The signature Cavallino symbol etched on the Vertu back offers instant Ferrari updates and a key to the Ferrari concierge. 


To get more information about the Vertu - Ferrari Smartphone collaboration, contact a local dealer for pricing. 

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