Twitter Bans TweetDeck, UberTwitter

 Twitter Bans TweetDeck, UberTwitter

If you’re a Twitter user, then you’re probably familiar with third party sites like Twidroyd and UberTwitter – the two famed locations for individuals on the go that still allow updates from the popular, 40 character news feed. But Twitter, in its billion dollar business, doesn’t just allow anybody to play their game, and according to the latest reports, these two renowned Twitter third party clients aren’t keeping up to Twitter’s standards.


The two sites from UberMedia, a startup that has been known to steal ideas from major companies and feed off their success, has since been banned from its home page. Oddly enough, UberMedia’s original purpose helped spur Twitter to became an overnight sensation – with the help of Ashton Kutcher and John Mayer, Twitter became a household name when iPhone users started twitting their every move.

Things have changed a bit since word spread, claiming that UberMedia has updated its API policies to match those of their stubborn boss, but chances are these methods won’t stick. Why? Twitter turned down Google – how smug do you think these guys are? Twitter doesn’t want third-party sites in their domain as they destroy all other live feed social media sites, so you can bet UberMedia’s set up isn’t going to last long.

Lucky for me and all my followers, TwitterGadget is still looking pretty on my home page – but as for the rest of those nasty third-party Twitter sites like TweetDeck, Twitter might bring out the big guns. Taking a cue from Apple, the major offense is most obviously its name; while Apple didn’t have as much luck with “Pad,” with the exception of a few Disney characters, few people have ever “tweeted” before Twitter.


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