Shower While You Sleep? Introducing the Horizontal Shower

Showering upright can be tiresome and grueling, this shower shoots water at you as you lay down
 The Horizontal Shower allows you to relax like no other

The horizontal shower promises to change our perceptions of elite showering forever. Some things are better left unchanged, but showering while standing-up is laborious, and I say, needs to be flipped on its head.

Showering is the most relaxing part of most people’s days. While bathing is relaxing and luxurious, the pitter-pattering of warm water on one’s head is unparalleled in terms of divine pleasures. In fact, many health experts recommend showering as a health exercise as it ‘grounds’ the shower-er by sweeping away negative ions that collect in our body, as an effect of our heavily electronic world. That is why many geniuses have the greatest thoughts and breakthroughs while showering, it simply resets the bodies electric circuitry.

However, standing-up in the shower is counter intuitive to relaxation. Enter: the horizontal shower by Dorbacht. The shower sprays water at the shower-er from a horizontal angle, instead of a vertical angle, and offers a wide variety of water settings that range in temperature, intensity and quantity. These are programmable through ‘balancing,’ ‘energizing,’ or ‘de-stressing.’


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The company’s website says this about the spiritual effects of their product, “Water becomes the source of spiritual power. The Balancing scenario creates equilibrium, balance, and gives a sense of security. The harmonization of all senses. The comforting energy and flow of the water jets has the effect of a hand softly caressing the body. It feels as though the water embraces your body, protects you, wants to completely cocoon you in this shell of security while not smothering you. And out of the fluctuation develops a stability once again.”

For those with elite pay-checks who could use the distressing effects of a horizontal shower, no luxury gadget can compare. 

VIDEO: The Horizontal Shower

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