Dan at dental practice office

Boston Dentist Daniel Kazachkov is at the Top of His Game

Boston dentist is the best in class. Daniel Kazachkov speaks exclusively to Exec Digital
Gingerbread, Parma Ham & Maple Syrup Pancakes

10 Foods Guaranteed To Spice Up Valentine's Day

Exec Digital gives you a rundown of 10 aphrodisiacs certain to make Valentine's Day 2013 one to remember
'Tis the season of giving

Philanthropy Report Finds UK Donations on the Rise

Coutts annual report finds increase in number of million pound donors
How to manage stress and cope with emotion

Top Ways To Avoid Poor Decision Making When Stressed

The stress of the holidays can cause you to make regretful decisions, but Ken Lindner, decision making guru from Harvard University tells Exec Digital how to avoid and control potentially harmful decisions and emotions
David Wolfe

David Wolfe: What CEOs Can Learn From the World's Foremost Renegade Health Guru

David Wolfe runs a holistic motivational empire and is one of the world's most sought-after public speakers. In an exclusive interview with the genius we discovered inspirational wisdom every CEO should live by
More than half of Americans take at least one dietary supplement

Vitamin Study Shows Negligent Benefit for Cancer

A study by The Journal of the American Medical Association shows no support that multivitamins aid in preventing heart disease, but showed positive results for cancer
Is tanning be the healthiest vice ever?

The Truth About Tanning: Vitamin D vs. Melanoma Risk

Is tanning the best thing you can do for your health, or a risky vanity habit that could cost you your life?
The executive dream: working at the waves

Build a Lucrative Business from the Beach!

26 year old entrepreneur Ryan James runs his successful UK business from his beach house in Ibiza, here is his advice on how you can too
A holistic mindset, is a productive mind set

Tignum: A Holistic Approach to Higher Productivity

Tignum offers training to top executive teams to get them more fulfilled, uplifted and productive than ever before
The secret.

Magazine Continuously Discovers Secret to Rock Hard Abs

Team of elite editors routinely find the way to a new you

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