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Why CEOs Should Blog

Exec Digital speaks to CEO blogger, Dave Hitz from NetApp to learn what's most important about executive blogging...
 Why CEOs Should Blog

To blog or not to blog; that seems to be the debate going on in many executive offices around the globe. Some of the benefits for CEO blogging range from increased exposure, to branding to the significant ability to speak directly to their audience and stay connected. Recently Exec Digital had the opportunity to speak with Dave Hitz, co-founder of NetApp, the multibillion dollar software company and avid blogger. His company was also named -The Best Company to Work For" according to this month's Fortune magazine. Hitz writes his own blog and is part of the new wave of CEO's who are speaking for themselves on their own sites. I asked Dave Hitz what he felt was vital for a CEO to do when blogging. -I think honesty and sincerity are absolutely critical in blogging." Hitz continued, -If you are going to fake it, don't bother." But many executives rarely have a free moment to blog so Dave suggests being a -guest blogger." In a recent survey, thirty-one percent of CEOs maintain a blog or social network. However marketing Guru Seth Godin has some very specific advice to a would-be CEO Blogger, -Blogs work when they are based on: Candor, Urgency, Timeliness, Pithiness and Controversy…Short and sweet, folks: If you can't be at least four of the five things listed above, please don't bother. People have a choice (4.5 million choices, in fact) and nobody is going to read your blog, link to your blog or quote your blog unless there's something in it for them. Save the fluff for the annual report." The CEO blog debate will continue and during the interim, here's a few of our favorite CEO Bloggers: Dave Hitz of NetApp Jonathan Schwartz, “Jonathan’s Blog” — CEO of Sun Microsystems Bill Marriott, “On the Move” — CEO of Marriott International Mike Critelli, “Open Mike” — executive chairman of Pitney Bowes Robert Lutz, “Fast Lane” — GM vice chairman Paul Levy, “Running a Hospital — CEO of Deaconess Beth Israel Hospital (Read the exclusive interview with Dave Hitz in March's Exec Digital)

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