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Snoop Dogg Packs on Gs For 4G Samsung Phone

Snoop Dogg and Warren G team up with MetroPCS to promote the new 4G Samsung smartphone.
 Snoop Dogg Packs on Gs For 4G Samsung Phone

In a brilliant marketing move, Snoop Dogg has teamed up with Samsung Mobile and wireless service MetroPCS to promote their new 4G LTE Android smartphone – the Samsung Galaxy Indulge.

It starts with a name change in the name of fast 4G mobile service. From now on, Snoop Dogg is Snoop Dogggg – at least for now. But the real gem is a Youtube video featuring Snoop Dogggg, Warren G, model Brittany Dailey, and Man with the Golden Voice Ted Williams. Sure, it’s an ad for a Samsung Galaxy 4G smartphone, but it’s also one powerful viral video.


“G-Connection with Snoop Dogggg and Warren G” is a riff on 1970s dating games, with Warren G as our host and Ted Williams as announcer. The G-Connection is, Warren G tells us, “where we make good connections happen.” Throughout the video, the G-Connection attempts to match Brittany Dailey with a bevy of Snoop personalities. Will she choose unemployed ReGGie, creepy GrrrrrrrreeeGG, or suave multitasker Snoop Dogggg? It’s a cliffhanger, but we’re guessing the 4G name prevails.

VIDEO: G-Connection with Snoop Dogggg and Warren G

Snoop is no stranger to promotions, and is reportedly excited to (literally) lend his name the new 4G Android phone. “It feels good to be working with MetroPCS and Samsung for the launch of the Galaxy Indulge. I'm stepping it up to 4G's so my phone can keep up with my demanding, always-connected lifestyle,” Snoop Dogg (Snoop Dogggg?) said in HipHopWired.

Of course there’s something in all this for Snoop Dogg as well. The March 29 release date for new album Doggumentary is fast approaching, and extra time in the spotlight never hurt anyone, least of all Snoop. If extra promotion means more videos like this (and oh, don’t worry, it does: the next episode drops February 28) then we say bring it on.


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