Danica Patrick Crashes in Daytona 500 Premiere

GoDaddy girl Danica Patrick collides in second lap, returns for 38th place in Daytona 500; fuel fire and weather delays conclude NASCAR race Tuesday
 GoDaddy girl Danica Patrick at Daytona 500 2012


This year’s Daytona 500 wasn’t your average NASCAR race – after being delayed an entire day due to heavy rainstorms, yesterday evenings race quickly turned into more than just your average speed race. Highlights of the affair that ended at 1am this morning have been circling the web, particularly of the spokesgirl Danica Patrick, who got a rough start to her first ever Daytona 500 race when she was the victim of a nasty collision just minutes into the race.

Patrick crashed into the wall in only her second lap and spun out onto the grass after Elliott Sadler attempted to cut off Jimmie Johnson, eventually bringing both Patrick’s bright green vehicle and Kurt Busche into the mix. The wreck was highly publicized, especially since Patrick picked up the pieces and got back on the course – riding to 38th in her first Daytona 500.

Earlier in the evening, Juan Pablo Montoya hit a jet dryer truck that was cleaning the track, igniting a fuel fire that set ablaze a section of the lanes and continued to delay the race despite the weather finally letting up. The blaze was captured on screen over and over again, as spectators anxiously awaited approval for the go-ahead from Daytona 500 officials.

Unfortunately for Matt Kenseth, all of these unusual commotions meant his spotlight after winning the Daytona 500 was drowned out. Kenseth won the race by a mere 0.21 seconds, cinching the title from Dale Earnheardt Jr. This year’s race was the first time the Daytona 500 was ever held on a Monday, besides finishing on a Tuesday, in its history – making it one for the record books. 

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